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Bayer A.User: Just a cheapo quadcore N4200 Pentium with 4GB ram and a 5300rpm HDD. Paid $219 on grey thursday(Thanksgiving). Jan 15, 2018 15:24:31 GMT -6
Bayer A.User: @rick, Running Windows machines with and without the Spectre/Meltdown patches. No sign of trouble on any of them. Latest bugaboo with intelAMT vulnerability on corporate laptops doesn't apply to me. Jan 15, 2018 15:39:07 GMT -6
Rick: My unpatched Intel Windows 7 machine is running just fine too. To only complaint I have with it is when adobe flash wants to do an update. It's set to let me know when an update is available, but my computer has to get stupid first. Jan 17, 2018 7:49:27 GMT -6
Rick: What I mean by getting stupid is that it suddenly runs poorly, thrashing the hard drive, and only when I reboot the computer, I then get the message that adobe flash wants to update. Computer runs fine after that Jan 17, 2018 7:53:32 GMT -6
Bayer A.User: Won't be long before Adobe flashplayer becomes the modern day Java. Using Silverlight myself :| Jan 18, 2018 14:53:18 GMT -6
Rick: Windows 10 development has forked again. Feb 16, 2018 19:55:10 GMT -6
Bayer A.User: Speaking of "Forked up", Noticed a new 10phenomenon ! Latest updates have been effecting my cable tv boxes. No,I'm not streaming to them & Multicast has been blocked by firewall all along. Noticed it a while back but now the pattern is obvious. ;-| Feb 21, 2018 16:33:35 GMT -6
Bayer A.User: Everytime a Win10 machine is connected to my network, TV picture quality pixalates and stutters like an old pre rtm TechPreview build. >:( Feb 21, 2018 16:45:30 GMT -6
crockhamtown: I refer to post: about WinHlp32.exe to resolve problems. Before I run install.cmd as administrator what should I do if I have problems. Should I just create a restore point? I'm a newbie. Mar 1, 2018 1:27:39 GMT -6
A. User (one of the banned): XBox is Win 10. I've noticed my son's XBox puts a serious load on our fiber connection, and conversely his games lag when I'm using our LAN for things like backups. Win 10 is a POS that just uses things up. Net bandwidth, computer resources, patience... Mar 4, 2018 9:59:44 GMT -6
Rick: I agree, the last few iterations of Windows 10 definitely taxes all of your available resources, including patience. I have a Windows 95 installation on an old 386sx-16MHz, no cache, laptop that is actually running better than what Windows 10 is offering! Mar 4, 2018 11:12:06 GMT -6
Bayer A.User: They told us all it was a "low footprint OS" Haha (rofl) Windows10 is a diabolical resource Hog ! Mar 6, 2018 17:32:00 GMT -6
Rick: And we all thought Windows Vista was bad for that! Mar 6, 2018 17:35:08 GMT -6
Bayer A.User: @rick- ;) Running Vista now on new hardware. And my cable TV works just fine. LOL Mar 6, 2018 17:46:33 GMT -6
Rick: So much for forking. Skip Ahead and Fast Ring have two different releases today. Mar 16, 2018 18:02:43 GMT -6
Rick: Mar 16, 2018 18:04:21 GMT -6
Rick: Mar 16, 2018 18:05:52 GMT -6
Rick: Talk about resource hogging. I had to get onto the internet with Windows 10 to write something on Microsoft's forum. It should have only taken a few minutes, but an hour later, my hard drive and network indicator lights has been on continuously. Mar 21, 2018 12:22:58 GMT -6
Rick: I was barely able to type anything and I had nothing else running.

Mar 21, 2018 12:25:14 GMT -6
Rick: Even now, my system is still very sluggish! Mar 21, 2018 12:26:35 GMT -6
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